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Due to legal pressure from the folks over at Craigslist, we have been forced to remove Craigs List Anywhere from distribution.

We would have thought that having a great browsing experience for Craigslist would be something Craig and his buddies would encourage, but instead they are clamping down on Apps like CLA, and forcing the use of their website.

We’d like to thank all our CLA users who have embraced something better, but unfortionatly, fighting a legal battle with Craig is just not in the cards for us.

If you’d like, you can of course let Craig know your opinion. You can reach him at

At home with your Computer, on the couch with your Tablet, or on the road with your Phone, Craigs List Anywhere takes searching Craigslist to the next level by keeping it all connected through “the cloud”


  • Finally, a user friendly way to browse Craigslist!
  • Search multiple cities with one saved search!
  • Setup just the right searches to find what you’re looking for, and save them for instant access anytime and anywhere you need
  • Found a good posting? Save it as a Favorite so you can quickly get back to it. You can easily compare just your Favorites to find the best deal.
  • See postings you’re not interested in? Delete them so you never see them again.
  • Everything is synchronized between all your devices running Craigs List Anywhere so you can easily move from your desktop to your iPad and keep searching Craigslist in style.

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NO LONGER Available For

Mac, Windows, and iPad

What users and reviewers are saying…

"Dude, this rocks so hard! In terms of its function, simplicity and improvement over the web pages, this is the best AIR app I've seen!"–Chris M.

...the visually-minded will appreciate the enhanced CL Desktop, especially the features that save search queries and bookmark favorite postscnet

Damn great service and software.. it's been a pain to really look for stuff in craigslist.. AT LAST IT IS EASIER!–Tom P.

Craigslist is huge, and this application just makes sense. It’s easy to use and saves you time with saved searches and the ability to view pictures right from the original list, instead of having to go back and forth clicking through

Awesome....just awesome–Ben

CLDesktop is an Adobe AIR application that provides a very interesting, intuitive and friendly user interface. I am very impressed by the things that CLDesktop can

This app is ****ing awsome. Thanks.–Nick S.

Craigslist desktop is a cool use of Adobe's

I love this app.–Mike J.

I am very impressed by this

I am impressed–Somnath B.

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